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Continuing Medical Education

All podiatrists are required to complete 25 hours of Board-approved continuing medical education each year. Courses must be completed between July 1 and June 30 for each applicable renewal year. Up to ten hours of CME may be completed on the Internet, on a CD-ROM, or in podiatric medical literature such as a journal. A CME report is incorporated into the annual license renewal application and must be completed with the renewal.

Types of CME courses which are generally approved include hands-on courses in podiatric assessment, anatomy and physiology, surgical techniques, wound care, billing and coding, practice management, ethics, documentation and charting, and courses in related medical areas such as diabetes, pharmacology, geriatrics, disease pathology, and physical therapy. If you have any questions about whether your CME course would be approved, please contact the Board’s office.

Licensees may request a waiver continuing education by submitting a written request which includes an explanation of why the education could not be completed. Under the Board’s statutes, the Board may only waive the education requirement in cases of disability, military service, or absence from the continental U.S. [See A.R.S. §32-829(C)]