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License Verification



Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes §32-3214, the Board is prohibited from listing on this website any information regarding non-disciplinary actions taken against any podiatrist. (A non-disciplinary action may include a Letter of Concern or a non-disciplinary order for continuing medical education.) Also, the disciplinary actions listed on this website are inclusive of actions taken from January 1, 1990 to present. Information regarding non-disciplinary actions, or disciplinary actions which occurred prior to January 1, 1990, can be obtained by visiting the Board’s office or contacting Board staff by phone. Please click here for contact information.

License Search

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  2. Type a specific search criteria for the category such as a last name like Smith  (or the beginning letters to return all names with those beginning letters) license number, or city..

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Methods of individual license verification available through the Board of Podiatry Examiners:

Telephone – at no cost.
Website – at no cost.
Written (hard copy) - $10.00 fee per licensee.
Written (via fax) - $10.00 fee per licensee.
Email – official license verification is not currently available via email.


Telephonic and website inquiries will provide the licensee’s Arizona history, contact information, and information on any disciplinary and non-disciplinary action(s) taken against a licensee by the Board. Written verifications provide a stamped and signed written license history report with copies of any Board actions. Detailed educational information for podiatrists is public record; however, that information is not provided in a routine written or verbal license verification request. To obtain that information, a written Public Records Reproduction Request must be submitted along with the associated fee. Fees for written license verifications must be submitted with the request. Board staff will not complete verification requests received without the necessary fee(s).


A directory of licensed podiatrists may be obtained by submitting a written Public Records Reproduction Request form. That form is available on the Forms and Applications page. The cost is 25 cents per name for non-commercials purposes, and $3.00 per name for commercial purposes.


Licensee / Applicant Verification

The Arizona Board of Podiatry Examiners licenses and regulates Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (“DPM”) in the state of Arizona. Please review the following types of information and methods of verification conducted by this agency:


Pre-medical school / college education – Verified by license applicant.
Medical school – Primary source verified (including foreign graduates).
Post-graduate training (Residency) – Verified by license applicant.
Specialty Board Certification – Not currently tracked.
Licensure on other states – Primary source verified.


Website Information

All license information contained on this website is obtained directly from the Board’s records. Board staff and duly-authorized personnel are the only persons with access to and control over the information contained on this website. License verification information obtained via this website may be considered a “primary source verification,” subject to the terms and conditions as stated in the Board’s Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Statement. The information contained here is updated on an as-needed basis, or at a minimum of once per week. Any questions regarding the accuracy of license information contained herein should be directed to Board staff.